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Thanks for being here and, if you’d like to reach out, for taking the time to do so.

Should inspiration take hold, feel free to draw upon the following unsolicited (but prodigiously amazeballs) letter-writing prompts/various guidelines to assist your typing. Don’t doubt my enduring love of everyday minutiae, specificity, and my curiosity in the you-of-you. These responses are bananas riveting.

Also, on the real, 2020 is the worst trilogy.
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  1. What’s a scent that launches you back in time?
  2. In your home would I find cookies in this tin? (IYKYK)
  3. Priority given to all dogs and their humans (names & fav treats, please)
  4. What is the most overlooked, under-valued emoji?
  5. What’s a book you’d gift a loved one? A child? To someone feeling adrift? An unputdownable audiobook? (If you’d like to test the water, by all means tell me more about Infinite Jest, what I don’t get about Earnest Hemingway and/or Jonathan Franzen and/or John Kennedy Toole, how you found yourself in On The Road, see yourself in Philip Roth, or why Ed Abbey is the GOAT.* Shooting fish in a barrel. Knock yourself out)
  6. Sour cream or applesauce?
  7. What’s something you want me to know about you? If you’re stuck, try 3rd person. Think: a classified or bio, 300 characters tops. If you notice your words veering into hot air or tallish tales, don’t be hard on yourself. But gently tuck that draft into the folds of your journal. The greatest lessons, I think, are found in rereading and revision. Take heart that the messier, truthy follow-up draft, buttressed by integrity and humility, will always find safe harbor with me
  8. I’m wild about generous humor that is as clever as it is kind
  9. Bonus point for discreet Taylor Swift lyric inclusion
  10. My favorite questions are those without answers – the lessons of which I might find in the asking

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